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Our Philosophy

Plastic surgery is the medical specialty that alters the human form. It is remarkable how a simple contour change can make an enormous transformation in someone’s life. By reshaping a teenager’s nose bump or a child’s protruding ears, a naturally outgoing personality can surface. Removing excess eyelid skin gives a tired looking professional a fresh appearance and fresh attitude in his career. Procedures as different as breast reduction or breast enlargement can change a woman’s self-consciousness to self-confidence. Inherited thigh bulges or stretched abdominal skin can be removed, allowing a frustrated fitness devotee a chance to enjoy the beach without embarrassment or to wear clothes only dreamed of. “Now I can get on with my life” are feelings commonly expressed by patients after surgery when they can function their best, free of personal distractions and comfortable with their appearance.

Assured safety and privacy in our own operating suite

Watt Plastic Surgery and Med Spa offers several benefits that others cannot match. We provide an unparalleled level of personalized care, comfort and privacy.  Our Joint Commission (JCAHO), fully accredited, in-office surgical suite, is staffed with highly qualified and experienced professionals. On your surgery day you are greeted by people you know and that know you. At Watt Plastic Surgery and Med Spa we provide one-on-one care, giving you our full, undivided attention. You are treated differently than outpatient centers or hospitals. You deserve personal, patient-focused attention. It’s the only care we provide at Watt Plastic Surgery and Med Spa.

Familiar surroundings – people you know and people that know you

An in-office surgical suite ensures a greater level of comfort and privacy in familiar surroundings. At your first consultation you will meet the professionals who will be caring for you during your surgery. We spend a great deal of time listening to your concerns and explaining the procedures and risks. We want to understand your expectations, your dreams and goals. You can tour our operating facility. We will help you make the most informed decision possible.

Before surgery we review your photographs and goals once again and explain the healing process. Most preoperative testing is conveniently done in the office at the same time.

On your surgery day staff you know will provide your care in a familiar, comfortable and private environment. You may not see other patients and your name will not be listed on a board to keep track of you. Personal treatment – one patient at a time.

After the operation, the same people that helped you during your procedure will care for you after surgery. Quality care is possible because the same staff who have cared for you from your first consultation will care for you throughout the entire healing process.

We know that you have a choice and we want you to choose Watt Plastic Surgery and Med Spa.



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